What to do on my birthday!

It is true, I am 62!  WOW !  Because of that I was looking online to see if there was any information concerning things that need to be done at that age in preparing for retirement and medicare and other things related to getting old.  I ran across a blog by a woman who made a list of things to do on her 62nd birthday and that got me thinking I needed to make my own list.  So, this is my list of things to do on my  birthday. images

  1. Wake up
  2. Thank God – He is not ready for you yet!
  3. Make your bed, you do it every other day why not today!
  4. Go to work! And while you are at it Thank God because you are still able to work.
  5. Wear comfy clothes.
  6. Go for a walk, even if it is cold outside.
  7. Go out for breakfast.
  8. Call your mom and wish her a Happy Birth Day!
  9. Visit your dad’s grave.
  10. Go get a pedicure.
  11. Look in the mirror and be happy with you see.
  12. Eat a cookie
  13. Take a nap
  14. Write a letter to one of the grands or all of them!
  15. Mail the letter(s)
  16. Today – no social media
  17. Drive like a grandma – you are one!
  18. Smile more
  19. Housework – be thankful you have a house to clean!
  20. Pray for your kids
  21. Read Chapter 2 Verse 19 of any book in the bible
  22. Take a selfie
  23. Touch your toes! Even if you have to bend your knees
  24. Paint your fingernails
  25. Buy yourself some flowers
  26. Make a donation
  27. Think of something you want to accomplish this year (how to say thank you in Chinese, clean out your closet, get new carpet in the bedrooms)
  28. Don’t worry
  29. Sing a song
  30. Laugh at yourself
  31. Go to a coffee shop and pay for a strangers coffee
  32. Eat ice cream
  33. Take dog treats to the Humane Society
  34. Read
  35. Do something crafty
  36. Open a window, even if it is for a really short time because it is freezing outside
  37. Take a bubble bath
  38. Eat with chopsticks
  39. Watch the sunset
  40. Say “I love you”
  41. Do something silly
  42. Be still and listen for the sounds of birds chirping
  43. Take a picture of something sparkling
  44. Eat chocolate
  45. Go out to dinner
  46. Show someone your driver’s license
  47. Use your senior discount!
  48. Buy a pair of granny panties
  49. Measure how tall you are
  50. Brush your teeth – you still have them
  51. Do at least 1 push-up and 1 plank, even though you know you can do more
  52. Take a deep breath, in fact take a few
  53. Drink some water, you don’t drink enough
  54. Think again…do you want a tattoo?
  55. Find out something that happened in 1958.
  56. Pick a verse from the Bible and memorize it and refer to it throughout the year
  57. Find a class you want to take, and register for it! (baking class, pottery class)
  58. Keep your brain sharp, do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku
  59. Thank God for the many blessing of this day
  60. Be content
  61. Go to bed – your heart is full
  62. Never forget God’s love for you
  63. Next year!  I might actually do more of these!

I accomplished quite of few of these this past birthday!  I hope to do better next year!

I also had an idea I wish I would have had a long long time ago.  Wouldn’t it be cool to start a journal for our babies and add something each year until they understand and can add to it themselves.  For instance – Year 1 – Learn to crawl,  Year 2 – Learn to run, Year 5 – go to school, Year 15 – learn sign language, Year 20 – Look in the mirror and remember who loves me.  Well you get the idea.  I started 62 years later for myself! Maybe I will add to it each year!  If I don’t forget where I put it!

Macaroon’s and me!

Well it is time I confessed!  I LOVE COOKIES!  I often say, I have yet to taste I cookie I didn’t like!  With that said, I decided to find a recipe for French Macaroon’s!  I found one that looked easy enough so I got all the ingredients (eggs, sugar, powdered sugar and almond flour) and on August 11, 2018 I gave it a shot!  Here is a picture of what they should look like…

And here is a picture of how they turned out…

Not bad for my first try and they tasted delicious but I knew I could do better!

I keep trying…instead of getting better they are getting worse!  Each time I make them they are hollow and therefore very fragile!  One Saturday not too long ago two of my granddaughters came over to make them with me and while we were waiting to bake them we decided to go to the little French Bakery in downtown Greeley.  We were going to get (you guessed it) macaroons, so we would have the real thing to compare ours to!  He didn’t have any!  He was waiting for his shipment of special chocolate!  Well I told him we were making some at home and then I asked him what the trick was to them not being hollow?  He said they are very tricky to make and it took him 19 years to perfect them!  He told us a few tricks which I have tried since then and still I get hollow macaroons!  I have watched videos on how to make them and I have followed all of their tricks (I even purchased a digital scale so I can measure precisely) and they are hollow!  


Before I give up on them all together, I have one more thing I will try!  A NEW RECIPE!!!  Wouldn’t that be funny if it was the recipe and not me!


July 8, 2018, just an ordinary Sunday. I drive to church and park in the shade, not where I normally park. If I had parked where I normally park, the following would not have happened.

I start to walk along the sidewalk and see a woman sitting on the grass near the corner. I am already thinking of how to greet her when I notice something… is that a stroller or what? I get closer and see that it is a wheelchair piled high with blankets and there is also a man laying in the grass and he appears to be sleeping. I keep walking, never saying a word. I get past them and I hear the man say “people don’t even look at the sign!” Yes, there was a sign on the pile of blankets and he was right, I didn’t even bother to read it. I am still walking and I start thinking about the Bible story of the lame man sitting daily at the entrance to the temple. (Acts 1) I get inside the church and sit down and I just can’t stop thinking about that Bible story and so I ask God what can I do? I only have about 10 dollars cash and I really don’t want to give that to them, but what can I do?

That’s when I heard God! He told me exactly what to do!

I got up, grabbed my purse, and I walk out of church! I started to walk back across the street to the corner where these people were and now there were two more. I paused and asked God to give me the right words. When I got to them I apologized for waking right past them without even so much as a good morning. They all said good morning and the man who was laying on the grass just a few minutes before was now standing and he proceeded to tell me that they needed to find a room for tonight and could I help them do that. I got out the ten dollars and he actually tried to give me $40 dollars if I could find them a room. I told him I couldn’t do that, gave him the $10 dollars and then I asked them if they would like to join me in church. They declined gracefully and I told them I would be praying for all of them. I walked away with tears streaming down my face.

All during the church service I prayed for them. When leaving church, the older man was still on the corner and he thanked me again and then proceeded to tell me about a disease he has and that he is dying. He said he gave the money I gave him to the younger ones and then he said “God is so good”. I agreed and told him I would continue to pray for all of them.

This encounter today has really affected me. At times I have found myself in tears when thinking of it and of them. This encounter was not about me going back outside, it was about God and on that dayI hope He was able to work through me. I still feel like I could have done more and said more it I didn’t so I have to believe that what took place is what God wanted. I have learned from this experience and I know God’s not done with me. So, I will keep listening.

Thank you God for moving me to go back and talk to these people. For all I know, they could have fed me with lies but I don’t care. Today, my relationship with God became stronger outside the church walls! Listen! God is EVERYWHERE!

April 9, 2018

These are my notes from a sermon I listened to today!

We are ALL sinners!  Yes every one of us!  Even you!  And guess what, God doesn’t use a scale to measure the sin.  We all sin, none greater than another, none less than another. Sin is sin.

We are all S I N positive.
Simply being good does not get you into heaven.  Simply trying not to sin, does not get you into heaven.  Hell is full of good people!  Good doesn’t get you into heaven.
Mark 1:15
Luke 13:15
Acts 3:19
Acts 8:24
Acts 17:30
In Luke 18:18 a certain ruler asked Jesus “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”
First of all in order to inherit anything, someone must die!  Who died? Jesus died on a cross for YOU and me!  There is only one thing we have to do to inherit eternal life.
BELIEVE IN THE SAVING GRACE OF GOD!  That is what will get you into heaven, being good will not get you there!  Repent of your sins, ask God into your life and believe!
Heaven is full of people who were not good!

How do you get recharged?

Let’s think about something:  What do you recharge?  We have rechargeable batteries, phones, watches, tablets and these are just the obvious things.  Are there cords all over your house?  At my house I try to keep them out of sight, but that means every night I have to take the cords out of a drawer and plug them in to the devices I am recharging!  Not convenient but keeps me happy!

imageThere is something else you may not have thought about recharging.  YOURSELF.  How do you recharge yourself?  One way is sleep, we all need to sleep, some of us more than others!   Another way is food.   These are just a couple of ways to get yourself recharged.  If you don’t sleep enough, eat enough or too much or not the right foods how do you feel?  Not fully charged (over charged)?

Another way I get recharged it to go to church and to read the Bible daily.  This is as important to me as eating and sleeping.  When I am feeling down or upset, and even feeling content, I can get recharged and refocused and ready to face the day.  I also feel that way about going to church!  I get recharged and am able to start the week with my fully charged self. image

How about you?  What do you do to keep yourself fully charged?  Your electronics are not more important than you!  Find what recharges you and keep yourself fully charged!  

When we see our kids achieve their dreams!

Watching my daughter graduate from UNC at the age of 34, with a family and a cake decorating business, has made me reflect on my life!

My life sort of evolved.  Here I am almost 60 (yikes) and I am in a place I never even dreamed of.  I’m not sure I ever dreamed of what I wanted to be or do but here I am!  When I was still in high school I had a part time job working for Weld County BOCES.  I basically typed what someone had dictated onto a cassette.  I got married, became a mom to 3 amazing kids, helped on the farm and worked a short time at the local bank as a teller.  I liked that job, maybe because that is what I remember my mom being.  Except she stayed long enough to become a loan officer!  The kids were all in school and my mother-in-law’s husband needed someone to fill in as secretary in their water well drilling company.  So I figured I could help, and ended up staying for awhile (9 years)!  They both retired and sold the business and after a couple years working for the new owners I applied for a job working for Division of Water Resources.  I got that job and here I am!  I will retire from here (hopefully in less than 5 years, but we’ll see)!

I look at my kids and see that they are all doing things they dreamed of doing!

One, when he was in high school he loved computers and tinkering with them, he now works as an Enterprise Infrastructure Engineer.  With each move he has learned the tools of his trade and has become great at what he does!  He has also loves extreme sports and basically anything to keep active.  He has run 3 marathons, sky dived, bungie jumped, and probably much more that I don’t know about and not sure if I could handle it if I did know.  He is an amazing dad, and husband to his beautiful wife who is just as extreme as he is!  He helps coach track and cross country for the school his kids attend.  He has always loved life and he is living it!

Two, from the time he was a little boy he wanted to be a truck driver.  His dreams started at a young age and he now owns his own truck and he hauls crude oil.  This fits his family well because he gets up before the sun so his days are long but he gets done early enough he can pick the kids up from school and nothing brings him more joy than being with his beautiful wife and kids.  He too loves sports and they all keep very active!

Three, she wanted to be a school teacher and instead became a mom, and since then has dreamed of opening a cake shop.  Right now she makes some awesome cakes right out of her own kitchen.  Her dream of graduating college was fulfilled.  She is an amazing wife to my favorite son-in-law, and mom and she too loves to spend her time with her family!  Someday I see her fulfilling her dream of owning a cake shop!

I am so happy to see my kids fulfill their dreams!  My life may have evolved, but seeing my kids and their families realize and accomplish their dreams is pure joy!  I love them all so much and am so proud to be their mom.  And I hope they never stop dreaming!

God is within her she will not fail. Psalm 46:5

My beautiful daughter who had recently married her best friend came home to give us the good news.  We were going to be grandparents again!  Oh how happy we were!  I just wasn’t sure how she was going to do it!  You see, they both had full time jobs and they were both still in college, bills were piling up and now they are expecting a child?

I remember the day like it was yesterday, she came home and asked if we could talk.  They had made up their minds, they were both quitting college so they could have the time needed to be parents, but as soon as the baby was born they were going to go back to college!    I was standing at the sink and I turned around and told her I understood, and then proceeded to tell her that she was fooling herself, having a child was not easy and she would never get that college degree.  There would always be something else that would stand in the way, another child, more bills, another job, moving into a new home.  Life would get in the way of her going back to college!

Anyway, that was roughly 14 years ago!  Her husband graduated in 2015 and now she is graduating!   On May 6th, 2017 my beautiful daughter will get her College Degree!   I was so wrong and I could not be more proud of both of them.  They have 3 children now who have watched their parents study hard and reach some of their goals and dreams!  These 3 kids are their inspiration to keep going, keep striving, keep believing, keep dreaming!

In 2004, I thought her dream of a college degree was over.  In 2017, I absolutely know this about my daughter   “she thought she could, so she did”!

Something to think about…

The other day I was busy getting ready for work and I had a few minutes to spare after my devotionals so I decided to check Facebook really quick.  After what seemed like less than 2 minutes I looked at the clock and realized I should have left for work 5 minutes ago!  I grabbed my coat and headed out to work.  The whole time I was thinking “Thank you God!  I think I was late for a reason.”  I don’t know why but I choose to think that on that particular day I was meant to be late. So, thank you God!  (No I am not late often and when I am late I don’t always try to blame it on other things and then thank God for those other things!)

The very next day I left for work with plenty of time.   I was at a stoplight behind one other car and the light turned green but the car in front of me didn’t move.  Just as I was beginning to wonder why, a semi truck pulling a trailer came barreling through the intersection through a red light.  My very next thought was “Oh God, I am so very thankful for this person in front of me, because I believe they just saved my life!”  The car in front of me started through the intersection and I followed, tears began forming and I had a huge lump in my throat as I began praying for them and thanking God for them being there.  I thought if the next light would stay red long enough I would pull up alongside them and thank them, but the light turned and so did they.  All I could do was once again thank God for them.  I have had some time to think about this some more and I would like to consider myself a safe driver, but I have to be honest with myself.  I have realized that I watch for the light to change but I don’t always look both ways before proceeding.  If I would have been the driver in the first car, would I have assumed it was safe to proceed without checking both ways?  Maybe I needed to learn something like, after the light changes, pause and check both ways!

So the next time you are running late or the car in front of you isn’t moving, don’t honk or get irritated just pause, thank God, look both ways and then proceed!

A look back at 2016

2016 brought fun, family, and another trip of a lifetime, loss, new life and hope!

I remember in January and February just wanting winter to be over! I was tired of snow and ice and cold weather! I got to spend 5 days in the hospital in March with the doctors running all sorts of tests to try to figure out what was wrong. After all of that it was probably viral pancreatitis and I never want to have that ever again!

Aunt Pam was in a facility in Fort Collins and I continued to visit her (usually on Friday’s). She was moved to Fairacres, in Greeley so she was closer but we all knew that her time was limited. She passed away on Good Friday. Her passing left a huge void in so many of our lives, especially Uncle Gary. But I am so thankful for getting to spend time with her, Gary and the girls.

Spring finally arrived! I was so happy to be outside enjoying the weather and my yard. I was blessed when I was given the opportunity to open my home to my very good friend and her family and my nephew’s while they were in town for a funeral.

June was the Relay for Life. I helped organize a team from work and I walked from noon to midnight in honor of two very special girls. Gwyn Peppler fought cancer once, it came back in 2008. Her fight ended in November of this year, a week before Thanksgiving. Leah Correll is a little bit younger than Elijah. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4, she fought for 2 years was cancer free for a little less than 1 year and the cancer came back. After another 2 year battle she is once again cancer free! ALL PRAISE GOES TO GOD! Gwyn and Leah are my heroes!

On July 4th I left for another trip of a lifetime! This time, Corey, Heidi, Lonni Burke and I went to Greece, Italy and Spain! We went with the Spanish class at University High School, through EF Tours. What an experience! We saw things I’ve only read about or heard about! We experienced so many firsts! The first time to take not 1 but 2 overnight ferries (these were more like cruise ships), to swim in the Mediterranean Ocean, to experience the pain of sea urchins in the bottom of your feet. (actually, this was Burke’s experience), to see Corey, Lonni and Burke run in the “original” Olympic stadium, to hear the most beautiful voice sing in the piazza and be moved to tears (well being moved to tears is not a first for me), being in Rome, seeing living statues, bicycling through the streets of Barcelona. We left with so many great memories!

The rest of the summer and fall went by extremely fast! I celebrated with Uncle Bill and Aunt Evelyn their 50th Anniversary, went to a birthday party for Uncle Joel and spent time with Uncle Gary.

The grandkids all keep active with sports so therefore I keep active going to watch them. There are also school plays and choir concerts to attend.

All the kids were at my house for Thanksgiving dinner! We had a great time, or at least I did! We are all getting together for our annual Christmas Adam (he came before Eve) to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

My hope comes from the birth of Christ! God is so good to me and my family and I am overflowing with gratitude!